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I offer counseling for couples, families, and friends. In therapy, you can learn how to better communicate with each other, heal the rough patches and ruptures, enhance the relationship experience to be more fulfilling, and how to see others and be seen in the relationship to address each other’s core emotional needs.

My relationship therapy approach is influenced by mostly the Gottman Method and the Emotionally Focused Therapy model.  The Gottman Method focuses on behaviors that build a “Sound Relationship House” with a solid foundation of trust, commitment, admiration, and shared meaning.  The emotionally focused model focuses on applying attachment theory to develop a secure emotional base for a relationship to face the challenges of life together. I am not certified and do not practice either the Gottman Method or Emotionally Focused Therapy, but rather pull useful concepts and elements from both models to address relationship issues.


Links to learn more about relationship counseling

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